URPG Desktop Calculator

Current version is Version 2.2.5

The calculator can be downloaded from the following link:
URPG Desktop Calculator
Windows Installer 4.5 and .NET Framework 4.5 are required, but should be installed automatically.


Version 2.2.5

Added Gorilla Tactics as a functional ability

Version 2.2.4

Bug fix for auto-updating

Version 2.2.3


Version 2.2.2

Updated the HP of all Generation 8 Pokemon
Added secondary Fairy typing to Hatterene

Version 2.2.1

Updated Aegislash's base stats due to Gen 8 change
Hopefully didn't break the sizing again

Version 2.2

Major update to additional dependencies the calc uses for web browsing and packaging
Released some fixes for sizing issues on different resolutions

Version 2.1

Generation 8 added!
There's also been several small updates in the background over time that were never properly changelogged.
I don't remember what the all were, so I'm jumping these numbers ahead.

Version 1.7

New installer, allowing for better packing and background updating
UltraDex tab restored - now uses an embedded Chrome browser which renders perfectly, but the Calc is now a 45Mb download
Meloetta-Pirouette is now correctly listed as Normal/Fighting
Harsh Sunlight and Heavy Rain should now function correctly in all places where Sun and Rain were applied

Version 1.6

Added Generation 7 Pokemon, Abilities and Items
Updated mechanics for -ate abilities
Coded mechanics for Merciless, Water Bubble, Steelworker, Slush Rush, Galvanize, Shadow Shield, Prism Armor
BST changes for Gen 1-6 Pokemon
Minor bug fixes

Version 1.51

Added ORAS Mega Pokemon and additional Gen 6 legendaries
Finally coded Aerilate/Pixlate/Refridgerate correctly
Removed coding for Simple

Version 1.50

Further fixed the rounding issues.
Fixed Team Storage so it no longer remembers subs/stat boosts, as with a switch
-6.25% and -12.5% buttons now show the amount of HP they remove in the Damage box

Version 1.41

Fixed a rounding issue with damage calculations
Cottonee is now correctly Grass/Fairy instead of pure Grass

Version 1.4

Several place holder items have been added to the calculator
Asterisks (*) have been added next to items that are purely place holders and are not processed by the calculator
Storage can now be cleared

Version 1.3

Calc will now do a mini-install to the computer when you download it
Calc is now self-updating, and will check for updates on launch and ask permission to download and install changes

Version 1.23

Fixed the Poison type-effectiveness
Percentages now correctly format to two decimal places

Version 1.22

Fixed typing of Aurorus to Ice/Rock from Ice/Dragon
Fixed new base stats of Azumarill

Version 1.21

Removed the Ultradex tab due to popup ads
Mega Houndoom is now correctly listed as Dark/Fire

Version 1.2

Calc is now ready for Generation VI
Old base stats have been updated.
Old Pokemon that are now Fairy type have been changed.
New Abilities added.
New Items added.

Version 1.1b

Generation VI - First beta
Added all the Gen VI Pokemon, with URPG Stats thanks to BlueTowel and almost MuddyMudkip who was a little too slow. :P
Fairy type has been added, including its weaknesses and resistances
Old Pokemon that are now Fairy type have not yet been changed
Old Pokemon with base stat changes have not been updated either

Version 1.0b

Beta version, ready for Gen VI additions.
Fixed two bugs that I never did fix properly in the other one, accuracy calc and some dropdown stuff

Version 0.991

Fixed a bug where confusion damage would hit a sub.

Version 0.99

I'm not calling this Version 1.0 until it gets tested a bit through standard use
Dice rolling and accuracy calculation now works
Sub health can now be set manually
Some fields have been locked to prevent typing in them.

Version 0.95

Speed stats now factor in Abilities, Items and Status. Wonder Room works
Various bug fixes

Version 0.9

Added proper sub functionality. The sub will now take damage and display remaining health. A popup will issue when it breaks.
Various bug fixes

Version 0.85

Added the ability to directly edit the HP and Percentage boxes
Added functionality to the "-6.25%" etc buttons

Version 0.8

Damage Calculation now completely working, correctly taking into account all Abilities, Items, Weather and other modifiers
I feel that this deserves to skip several version numbers

Version 0.35

Manually editing stat values should work correctly, and correctly use the stat modifiers
Included error checking for bad stat/HP values

Version 0.32

Revised how the HP/Percent buttons change and store healths
Stat modifiers should now correctly display increased/reduced stats

Version 0.31

+/- HP and Percent buttons should now function correctly, and will ignore empty values
These buttons will not ignore other incorrect values, such as non-numerical values, and may produce weird results

Version 0.3

Created a "BattlePokemon" class to store information for Pokemon currently in battle, and perform calculations.
BattlePokemon should display full health and percentage when selected

Version 0.2

All interface fields filled have associated data. Some may require more later.
All stat fields on the left should fill when a Pokemon is selected, and labels on the right should change.

Version 0.1

Interface layout created.