The Onmyo Region: Start Up Guide! 

Welcome to The Onmyo Region – a character-led adventure throughout a survivalist dynasty featuring your URPG trainer in the middle of it all! The goal of the game is to capture Pokemon and eventually make your way throughout the entire world map, earning eight gym badges! Onmyo is composed of eight kua, or kingdoms, with half of those regions belonging to PWN and the other half belonging on BMG. It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you have fun! You’ll be seeing the whole world eventually.

If you ever have any questions along the way, section professionals are called Navigators. Feel free to give them a ring in #CreativeExploits or #Onmyo-hype on Discord, or on the forums as well! That being said, we encourage players to read the larger Onmyopedia before beginning to understand the nuances and rules of the game. This is best used as a quick reference guide or a helpful way to comprehend information before you disembark on your adventure.





Go out and find your adventure today!



Q: Is there a four-move limit?

A: Nope! Like in URPG at large, you have access to all of their level-up moves as well as any TMs, HMs (!) or Daycare moves that you own on them.


Q: Can I trade Pokemon in Onmyo?

A: Exempting special events, your trainer may not trade Pokemon with others in Onmyo. If you trade that Onmyo Pokemon in URPG, the original Pokemon still stays in your Onmyo stats and you still have access to all of their moves.



Q: Can I import a Pokemon, trade it to someone and they import it, then trade it back / to another person to import to Onmyo?

A: Please don’t do this! Pokemon in Onmyo will stay in your Onmyo stats even after they leave your URPG stats, so it’ll be awkward to have the exact same Pokemon appearing in multiple trainer parties across the world.


Q: Can I import my URPG legend?

A: Not at first, but rumor has it that there are legendary awards for beating the Champion…


Q: What do mega forms do in Onmyo?

A: Mega forms are currently unreleased in Onmyo!


Q: Where is the Navigator test?

A: There isn’t one yet! We aren’t entirely sure what we want to test, but if you’re interested in being a Navigator, hit us up on Discord or via PM!

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