The Onmyo Region

this world is what you make it

This world is always at war, in its own way. Before living memory, Onmyo was in chaos. Mankind emerged in a violent, turbulent time, clustered together with Pokemon on a tiny island in the center of what would later become the Onmyo continent. Each personified by the power of an Ancient so immense and powerful that it knows no description, two sides circled each other in eternal war; two concepts that seemed irreconcilable. Creation and destruction in equal parts, a world split along a seam that could never mend, cutting the earth itself in two.
The Ancients, seemingly invulnerable, finally fell in battle, each still circling the other. Their bodies were buried with time, and they became the two continents of the Onmyo region. Venturing forth from their sanctuary in the center, mankind found a beautiful and sacred world spreading before their feet, ready for exploration.

Now, Onmyo is a feudal-esque region divided into 8 factions called kua, each with their own unique Pokemon, cultures, and plans for Onmyo.

Welcome to a world at war. What will you make of it?


What is the Onmyo Region?

The Onmyo Region is home to URPG’s own open-world RP, following the manner of Pokemon’s core series games. While there is a built-in space for you to assemble your team, collect Badges, and fight Onmyo’s very own Champion, you can do whatever you want — the world is open to the player. Familiarize yourself with our rules and setup, pick your kua, and jump right in! A world of dreams and adventures awaits.



  1. This RP is hosted through Pokemon Ultra RPG. Please abide by all URPG Rules. You do need to be a member of URPG to play, so sign up for a starter today!
  2. The Onmyo Region is a roleplay that operates on fixed time. This means that, unless otherwise stated, events that happen chronologically in real life happen chronologically in the timeline of the overall roleplay, even across threads! As a result, you can only post in one kua at a time. You can read more about what kinds of quests you can find in the Onmyo Region in our startup guide!
  3. There honestly aren’t that many rules here. Do your best; don’t make your character invincible. Things such as how much damage you take, how much damage you deal, and how likely you catch a Pokemon largely hinge on how well you interact with the RP around you and how the world of Onmyo affects your character. No calculators needed!


The Eight Kua


Forge Kua / forward to the sun
Primary Types: Fire, Poison
Sigil: Talonflame

The centerpoint of Onmyo’s industrial and production facilities. Founded on the fertile slopes of a volcano, the Fire Kua is the most technologically advanced of the eight kua. Characterized by their strong leadership and unyielding will to move forward, people of the Fire Kua always seek the sunrise, even as the smog from their forges clouds up the skies. Their capital city is at the peak of the volcano, in an astounding spire that claws to the heavens.


Valley Kua / beneath the same trees
Primary Types: Bug, Grass
Sigil: Gogoat

Calm, laid back, and living among the Pokemon in the valley that protects them from the volcanic slopes to the north, the people of the Valley Kua are likely the least involved in any given conflict. They seek peace and tranquility, and they have learned that you can find happiness right where you are. Their city covers the most land geographically, sprawling across almost the entire kua; they have no need for towering structures to display their might.


Heaven Kua / beyond flesh
Primary Types: Fairy, Ghost
Sigil: Golurk

Among the twisted rubble of a once proud civilization ravaged by war, the Heaven Kua is said to be the first refuge of early mankind. Today, the people of the Heaven Kua make their homes among the graves. The center of arts and literature in Onmyo, the Heaven Kua is a place of self-reflection and understanding. It is said that they hold secrets of life and death, and that their immense guardians run on engines not of this world.


Aurora Kua / whisper on the wind
Primary Types: Flying, Ice, Psychic
Sigil: Sigilyph

Mountains twined together with rickety rope bridges disappear into the clouds. The abodes are simple; up here, under the vast sky, everything has to be. At the peak of the tallest mountain stands the Sky Pagoda, a testament of mankind’s desire to become the wind; meditative mantras can be heard floating down the slopes. Calm, reflective, and adaptive to all that comes their way, the Aurora Kua may have found the secret to true peace in a region racked with violence.


Squall Kua / still waters run deep
Primary Types: Dark, Water
Sigil: Sharpedo

The rocks give way to treacherous coastside cliffs; the sea infiltrates every aspect of the Squall Kua. The coastal regions are dotted with dimly-lit caves and ferocious whirlpools, while the open seas are ravaged by the kua’s namesake squalls. As harsh and unpredictable as the waters they roam, the people of the Squall Kua understand their key rule of nature: master it before it masters you. While they lack permanent settlements, the Squall Kua has dominion over the seas, and they spend more time on the water than off it.


Chasm Kua / the summit never yields
Primary Types: Fighting, Rock
Sigil: Lucario

The craggy, rocky terrain here breeds the strongest warriors. At a young age, the children of the Chasm Kua are taught one thing and one thing only: never to yield. Every aspect of their lives is determined through combat, but they always remember that the strong must shield the weak. Fiercely loyal and unwavering, watching over their lands from a fortress hacked from stone, the Chasm Kua are a prideful, tough people.


Plains Kua / come what may
Primary Types: Ground, Normal
Sigil: Tauros

Rolling with any punch, the people of the Plains Kua are relatively withdrawn from the politics of the Onmyo region. Accepting and laid back, to a point, the Plains Kua takes all in stride, but when the time comes, they are more than happy to demonstrate how they endured the ancient wars. Where some break, the Plains Kua bends, ready to take all in stride. Their cities likely appear the most mundane of the eight kua, but they are the most practical: simple roads and buildings form a peaceful settlement.


Storm Kua / roar of the divine
Types: Electric, Dragon, Steel
Sigil: Eelektross

The original storm-battered conquerors, the Storm Kua was the first to emerge, and they will never let you forget it. Explosive, revolutionary, and primed to explode at a moment’s notice, the Storm Kua remembers a time when they were the dominant force on Onmyo and holds fast to it, ready to leap from their gilded towers and descend upon the world. Always seemingly on the brink of war, the Storm Kua is as unpredictable as the storms that constantly rain down on them.


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