Here is a quick access within the URPG to external links that users could use for their stats. Whether it’s trainer sprites, badges, items, Pokémon – you name it. This page will be open for use, so if you feel something that you feel would be useful, then please message one of us to edit in. Your name will be listed for your contribution.

Sprite Links: (these links are available for use within your Stats)
1 – Trainer + Pokémon Sprites (including official artwork, mega evolutions, and non-animated sprites):
Pokemon sprite searcher (XY updated) – Pokestadium

2 – Gen. 1-7 Back GIFs: 
Back GIFs of all Pokemon (Gen. 1-7)

3 – Downloadable Sprite Collection (Icons, Overworld, Footprints, Items; Gen. 1-5):

4 – All Pokémon Sprites (Gen. 1-7)

5 – Gen. 5 Front/Back-Styled Battlers for All Gen. 7 Pokémon and Forms (.zip file)

6 – Pokémon Icons


Designers: (these friendly members will gladly create some visuals to make your stats and account like appealing)
1 – Mistral: Userbars
2 – Morru: Avatars, Banners
3 – Dash: N/A
4 – Fierce Deity: Avatars, Banners, Userbars
5 – K’sariya: Avatars, Banners

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