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Leaders’ Division

The Leaders’ Division is a battle league devoted to Contests. Leaders award a ribbon, berries, and extra money for defeating them. They are only allowed to use Pokemon in their lineup, although they may choose to edit their lineup with the approval of a Head or Chief Judge. Leaders are limited to using the types involved in their attribute. Therefore, there will be no use of of wildcard Pokemon in this league; variety is already encouraged and doesn’t need to be bolstered. Leaders are able to set the rules of their division contest, as long as the rule is a legal rule. However, the contest must be 3 vs. 3+. If the contest mode involves sending Pokemon and moves in the chat/thread instead of privately, the leader can decide who sends his/her Pokemon first.

A Trainer may challenge a Leader for his/her Leader position if the Trainer believes he/she can better defend the Division. However, the challenge must be approved by a Head or Chief Judge, who will decide the specifics of the challenge.

Current Divisions

Celestic City
Attribute: Cool

Leader: Ash K. | Stats
AIM: MewAlcadiesMew or MewAshMew
Berries: Starf | Lum | Salacc | Chople | Charti
Pokemon: Blaziken | Breloom | Dragonite | Hydreigon | Kingdra | Masquerain | Medicham | Salamence | Scrafty | Vespiquen | Weavile
Rented Pokemon: Volcarona

Solaceon City
Attribute: Beauty

Leader: Open
Rented Pokemon:

Chocovine City
Attribute: Cute

Leader: Webmaster | Stats
AIM: WebDragoon1337
Berries: Sitrus | Chople | Shuca | Jaboca | Lum
Pokemon: Dragonite | Drifblim | Gliscor | Gyarados | Jolteon | Lopunny | Manectric | Raichu | Rotom-Wash | Togekiss
Rented Pokemon: Cinccino | Porygon-Z

Sandalstraw City
Attribute: Tough

Leader: WinterVines | Stats
AIM: WinterVines
Berries: Chople | Shuca | Yache | Passho | Salac
Pokemon: Archeops | Cradily | Empoleon | Excadrill | Ferrothorn | Garchomp | Lucario | Mamoswine | Metagross | Nidoking | Rhyperior | Tyranitar
Rented Pokemon: ???

Beach Rose City
Attribute: Smart

Leader: Gmandiddy | Stats
AIM: Gmandiddy
Berries: Petaya | Galon | Durin | Rabuta | Hondew
Pokemon: Alakazam | Breloom | Crobat | Cofagrigus | Drifblim | Dusknoir | Gallade | Gengar | Nidoking | Whimsicott | Xatu
Rented Pokemon: Rotom-Cut

Division History

Celestic: Ash K.

Solaceon: SLC04 -> Buoy

Chocovine: Webmaster

Sandalstraw: WinterVines

Beach Rose: Gmandiddy

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