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Contest Bosses

Active Death Eaters


Earnings and Ribbons

Contest Bosses pay out differently accordingly to their ranks. Any losses in all levels will pay 500 + 500CC. A contest must be completed (sends for all 5 rounds) to earn any rewards.

Ribbons will be awarded for beating a boss of any level. Level 1-2 Ribbons are purely cosmetic, and have no value. A single level 3 ribbon is required to take on any level 4 boss, and must be linked by the parties in the chat before rules are posted. The same goes for a level 5; a level 4 ribbon must be owned and displayed before being allowed to challenge the level 5 bosses. Level 5 Ribbons are currently purely cosmetic, though there are plans for their use in the future.

Death Eaters (Judges)

Judges will earn 2k + 2kCC for a Level 1-3 Boss, and 2.5k + 2.5kCC for a Level 4-5 Boss

Aurors (Coordinators)

Level 1 Bosses:
1k + 1kCC, Level 1 Ribbon 

Level 2 Bosses:
1k + 1.5kCC, Level 2 Ribbon 

Level 3 Bosses:
1.5k + 1.5kCC, one random Berry, Level 3 Ribbon 

Level 4 Bosses:
2k + 2kCC, one random Berry, Level 4 Ribbon 

Level 5 Bosses:
3k + 3kCC, two random Berries, Level 5 Ribbon 

Ribbons by K’sariya

First Clear Bonuses:

First Clear Bonuses are awarded to the first party that clears a Level 3+ Boss. They will also be recorded on the Hall of Fame, found below.

Level 3: Random rolled Berry Store TM worth 2.5kCC or below.
Level 4:  Random rolled Berry Store TM.
Level 5: 2 Random rolled Berry Store TMs.

Contest Boss Rules

Contest Bosses are performed in ORAS style contests. Bosses have 2 appeals, a possible scheme (which creates an effect not normally seen in a contest) and starts in a predetermined position. The coordinators will choose their positions and attempt to score a higher average score than the boss. If they score higher they win; a tie will always go in favor of the boss. Endure > Pain Split will always be banned in Contest Bosses.

For all ORAS related questions, including Move Compatibility and Combos, please refer to the Judging Encyclopedia and the ORAS Move List

The following are basic rules always active in any Contest Boss run (except Level 1s, which have only 1 appeal):

3 Players
Boss has two appeals
Only the boss’s second appeal affects appeal order
Only the boss’s second appeal can be startled, copied, etc
Condition stars only affect the boss’s second appeal
Average player score must be higher than the boss’s score at the end of Round 5 to win
Making the boss nervous will reverse its appeals

Universal Rules

Additionally, there are some universal rules in regards to schemes and how a boss works that will always hold true.

– if a boss uses two combo starters in a single round, the second one overwrites the first one
– if a boss uses a combo starter first and a combo finisher second, it can immediately create a combo
– if a boss’s first appeal is a combo starter and the second appeal isn’t, it still stays in combo standby from the first appeal
– +4/-4 appeals like Hyper Beam don’t stop the boss from appealing until next round; +8/-0 appeals like Destiny Bond stop all remaining appeals from the boss immediately
– any special modifiers to the boss’s score from Schemes before the boss’s second appeal count as modifying its first appeal; any special modifiers applied after the second appeal begins modify the second appeal
– attribute based startles like Double Hit only check the boss’s second appeal. If the boss uses a +6/-0 appeal like Overheat as its first appeal, startles against it are NOT doubled. If the boss uses an appeal like Substitute or Detect first, it still protects the boss from startles. Startles that rely on the target being in combo standby (like Dizzy Punch) still affect bosses that only entered combo standby because of their first appeal
– nervous effects happen 100% of the time when a nervous move is used. A player using a nervous move will not affect their teammates. If the boss uses a nervous move, it has a special effect tied to one of their schemes
– the boss will only try to make a player nervous if it can use an ongoing scheme that changes the effect of what its nervous moves do
– if a boss entered combo standby last round and used two appeals this round that could have combod off of last round’s combo starter, only the first appeal will create a combo
– bosses can react to appeals from the previous round, appeals used before it in the current round, and appeals used after it in the current round
– appeals like Stone Edge only look at the boss’s second appeal
– if a boss uses the same appeal twice in a round, the second usage of the same appeal counts as a repeat appeal; if a boss uses an appeal two rounds in a row it always counts as a repeat appeal, regardless of whether it used that appeal first or second last round
– repeat Schemes do not have a penalty
– if a boss uses schemes, it uses one scheme per round, no more and no less, however Ongoing Schemes from previous rounds may still be in play. Schemes and Ongoing Schemes can ONLY be activated directly before the boss’s first appeal
– regardless of how many times the boss appeals in a round, it can only score 16 points for the round
– if a Pokemon on your team is unable to select an appeal for either of the first two rounds, your team loses by default and neither the judge nor the coordinators recieve pay
– repeat appeals can never start or finish a combo
– a boss can use moves that the regular version of that Pokemon normally can’t

Current Bosses

Level 5: Mew (Beauty), Darkrai (Smart)
Level 4: Dragonite (Cool), Greninja (Cute), Alakazam (Smart), Metagross (Tough)
Season 1:
Level 3: Hypno (Tough), Charizard (Cute), Pikachu (Cool), Unown (Smart), Togekiss (Cute), Scizor (Cool)
Level 2: Skarmory (Cool), Froslass (Beauty), Golem (Tough), Clefairy (Smart), Mothim (Smart)
Level 1: Stunfisk (Beauty), Jangmo-o (Tough), Spearow (Cool), Mime Jr. (Cute)
Bolded bosses haven’t been beaten yet!

Hall of Fame

Season 1:

Level 2
100k Mothim: Ralin and Bubbles the Sudowoodo, SinnohEevee and Sabrina the Gardevoir, and VeloJello and Clever Girl the Breloom

Level 1

Assault Vest Stunfisk: Mikey57 and Olivia the Gardevoir, Ralin and Bubbles the Sudowoodo, and WalabyX and Axel the Haxorus

Pierce the Heavens Spearow: Rick and Magna the Magnezone, The Artist… and Warhead the Talonflame, and Mako and Horace the Magcargo

Kleptomaniac Mime Jr.: Voltaire and Suho-Cheonsa the Gallade, Mikey57 and Olivia the Gardevoir, and W32Coravint and Leaf of the Kekistani National Tree the Leafeon

Jangmo-Oh: Synthesis and Chode the Electrode, Ralin and Bubbles the Sudowoodo, and The Artist… and Vigilante the Primeape

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