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Becoming Staff:

Note: Staff applications will only be open when there is a need for staff help. All staff who are hired will be expected to actively fill in their role.

Staff applications are currently OPEN!

Please review the Chronicling Guide below for more information about what we do, as well as to get some insight on how the game works. If you’ve decided to join our infamous ring of Chaos, great! Take the Chronicling Test below and PM it to Smiles!

Staff Wages:

Staff will have their choice of receiving their compensation in either P or URPG $$$ for each wage period.

As of June 1st, 2017, Chronicler Wages now include a multiplier for mission posts that’s incorporated into our Token System! Tokens may be exchanged for TM Bundles. Please see the Token Exchange Counter for more information!

The Multiplier system is as follows:

Chronicler Guide


There are a few questions we should ask when we review character applications:

IF this character is not ready, we should politely post on their application thread and tell them why. And when they’re ready again, they can PM / VM / mention you, whichever is most comfortable for you, and you can review their application again at your earliest convenience.

IF this character is ready, great! Our next step is to:

  1. move that application to the Character Statisticsforum. (also, don’t forget to delete any posts we made on their application in review)
    2. We should also update the Grand Master Character Listas well as the Face Claim List if they have an applicable Face Claim.

And that’s all there is to reviewing and approving characters!


YAY missions! These are supposed to be really fun for everyone and especially you, too! A few things to know when leading missions:

Quality Guide:

As Chroniclers reviewing the posts of players within a mission, one of our top concerns is the quality of the posts. There are several measures for gauging quality here: is the player putting active effort towards what’s happening in the role-play? Are they responding at an appropriate time that doesn’t hold the mission or other characters back (see this post for guidelines about mission activity)? Are they actively trying to fit into the skin of their character as they speak and move in the role-play, or does it seem like a bland mold has been poured over a character who in the beginning of the mission was exciting and vibrant? These are all important aspects to keep in mind while leading a mission and paying attention to each character’s thoughts and actions, as well as the player’s conduct.

Good quality is more than posts meeting the minimum of the 250 wc requirement. The character should actively be involved in the mission’s events, and it’s our personal job as Chroniclers to make sure no one feels left out or unable to respond in the role-play. If we find that characters are filling their posts with memories and flashback tidbits that seem irrelevant to what’s happening in the role-play, it’s then our job to step aside and consider if we’re providing enough exciting and interesting content in the role-play. People are looking up to us to keep the plot moving forward, to throw surprises into the mix, and we should always be responsive of what everybody’s doing in the mission.

If we are, then it’s also our job to speak to that player and warn them that they should fill their posts with content about what’s happening in the mission. It’s also our job to call out any instances of god-modding or power-playing on a private level between ourselves and the player in question. All in all, our job requires us to be flexible and personable when responding to the requests and situations of our characters and players. The ultimate goal here is for everybody to have fun! And for us to invest our missions with unique ideas, creative end goals, and trials that test characters’… character. If you’re ever stuck on what to do next in the middle of a mission or for coming up with an idea for a mission in the first place, remember that the whole universe is open here for you! There’s nothing you can’t do, but please do remember to tag the beginning mission post with a graphic content warning if you want a darker mission.

Mission Difficulty Guide: 

Simple Mission: 
This mission requires at least two players, not including the NPC, with at least 5 IC posts from each character.
Prize Package:

Medium Mission: 
This mission requires at least two players, not including the NPC, with at least 15 IC posts from each character.
Prize Package:

Hard Mission: 
This mission requires at least two players, not including the NPC, with 25 IC posts from each character.
Prize Package:


So, this is so cool! This is how RP’s out there get to know each other and get more members. It sounds weird at first, but RP sites basically post on other sites and have those sites come back and post their RP on their site. We will hope to do this on ProBoards and JCink role-play sites.

for ProBoards:

for Jcink:

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Chronicler Test

Want to join our team of INDEFINITE CHAOS?! Do you love RPing?! Do you love AH?! Do you wanna lead missions and engage in staff discussions about where the game will go next (in the secret section)?! We hope you do! Apply to become a Chronicler today by taking the test below and PMing your solutions to Smiles!

Thanks for your interest in AH, and best of luck to you!


PT. I (Comprehension)

Just a few questions on how the After Hours world functions. No need to go ham on these; two or three sentences for each question should be fine!

1. What exactly is a Pokesoul?

2. What’s the deal with Loveland?

3. Briefly describe the state of the EarthWorld (subsections included) at this point in time.

4. What are the differences between Hunter/Huntress Pokemon, Transcendent Pokemon, and Peacekeeper Pokemon?

5. How can a non-Chronicler user go about creating their own mission?


II (Creativity)


For this section, please write your own starter post for a basic mission. You may use this starter post for actual missions upon passing! 


III (Capability) 


Egad! Someone’s posted in the Soda Shoppe! Take a look at these new abilities they’re trying to buy and see if you’d approve them or not. If not, tell the purchaser why not/what they should do to change them. 

For Nemo, my Aegislash Pokesoul:

King’s Shield (new ability, lvl. 1)(P1,500): Nemo is able to manifest a small portion of the Aegislash externally, taking the form of a bronze and gold shield affixed to her right hand. The shield renders her nearly invulnerable to physical attacks for a short time (approximately 10 s), although she is still susceptible to non-contacting or special attacks. If the shield is fully depleted, either from being used for too long or absorbing too much damage, Nemo will be drained and her other abilities will be likewise hindered.


For Xerneas, my Xerneas:

Yggdrasil’s Love (new ability, lvl. 1 )(P1,500):
Xerneas meditates and retreats into her cocoon-form, summoning the ancient tree Yggdrasil into a protective blossom of solidified Fairy-type energy. The blossom is ensconced at the heart of an enormous tree and thus cannot be moved; however, it is nigh-impenetrable to damage. In this form, she is completely unable to move or use any of her other abilities; furthermore, if she is interrupted from her meditation and the cocoon is shattered, she will faint immediately.

Yggdrasil’s Love (new ability, lvl. 2)(P3,000): After spending sufficient time in her cocoon-form, Xerneas is able to emerge from Yggdrasil’s trunk in an awakened state. For a short period of time, her speed and Fairy-type attacks will be greatly boosted, as they will use the bark of Yggdrasil and the remains of her blossom-cocoon as fuel. However, when the tree diminishes, the benefits of Yggdrasil’s powers disappear as well. As long as the tree is standing, Xerneas can also rejuvenate herself and nearby allies through the fairy aura that Yggdrasil emanates.


For Lelouch vi Britannia, my human:

Chessmaster (new ability, lvl. 1)(P1,500): Lelouch is able to ‘read’ the actions and words of people around him and infer what their plans are. He’s not a telepath, though–he’s able to read between the lines of their faces and interpret the details of their microexpressions. Coupled with his already sky-high IQ, Lelouch can often predict what his neighbors will do with near-perfect accuracy, and he can determine what the appropriate course of action is as a result. However, his plans may take too much time for him to enact them properly.


IV (Character Creation) 

For this section, please review the following two character applications. Point out anything notable about either or both applications before stating whether you would forego approval or not. If approval is denied, describe what you would state to the player who created the application in order to make the character ready for approval!Application I:~~

Character Name: Masir Aayandochvik
Character Type: PokeSoul – Rayquaza
Character Title: N/A
Theme Song: Separator by Radiohead
Discord: feitanfan5evr
Faceclaim: Meruem from HxH
History: Ulcruit, Macedonia. 2998. Masir is sentient when he slips out of his mother’s womb.

Bright and shiny, bursting with energy, the child already thinks about building. By age six years old, Masir has built small replicas of his home town and the countries he knows and loves out of Legos. He knocks down a country that neighbors his, thinking about the misnomer of the East: it must be oriented towards something, but at this age he understands the power dynamics operating in place to name things like so. One day he will be the one to name things as based on where he stands. He likes this idea. He continues playing with Legos, learning, flying aboard hover bikes like all the kids his age. Life is good, and he seems to feel and sense on a level deeper than his peers.

On his seventh birthday, young Masir holds Momma’s hand as they venture on a hike. Masir’s favorite mountain with Momma. The young boy seems deeply disturbed by something as he bends down to pluck a periwinkle flower from its treasured place in the earth. He hands the flower to his mother, and in that split second feels the entire earth shake and vibrate, force suspended in his soul only. It rocks his understanding of everything about the existence they’re carved together. Bewildered, the polite and precocious little boy excuses himself from his mother for only a minute. The last Masir sees of his mother is her lovely face eyeing the flower, stroking every delicate curve of it with her sight. He feels oddly thankful to have experienced that level of love and appreciation in his own life.

For in the next few minutes, his world implodes upon itself. Trillions of cells evolve and change at a terrifying rate, knocking the air out of Masir as he writhes on the ground, falls down a canyon and floats through a river. Under the surface of the water, every limb thrashes through its modification taking place on a plane beyond his consent. His making sense of the world will only occur years later, once he gains control again, once he’s heard of the devastating tragedy taken place on EarthWorld in 3005.

He may not understand at that point that he was part of it.

The next being that emerges out of the water is not sentient. The alienoid’s magenta eyes darken, pupils and cornea lost under a haze so think it could lose anyone in its iron imprisonment. The being walks deliberately, flexing, not conscious to the world. Masir has disappeared the moment it took place, pushed out by a being that, for the first few years, only screams in his head: survive, survive, survive, and dominate!

By the time Masir wakes up again, he does not think about building. Chaotic fear creeps into him, wrapping every inkling of a thought in uncertainty and doubt. He does not recognize the body he has awoken in. He does not understand where the voice speaking to him emerges from, and he has no recognition of the surroundings before him. The greenery sprawling as far as his eyes can see with tree alien to his own world, massive branches like scythes eagerly swinging upwards, must all be figments of somebody’s imagination. This scenes and ideas cannot come from his own mind and this cannot be a dream: everything is extraordinarily painful, a level of sensation his mind would not be able to conjure.

He has no memory of the cities he took down or the humans he tore into as he ran with Them on the surface. He has no memory of flying for the first time, of soaring through buildings and bringing everything down into dust that he simply swiped off his armored coating. He has no idea about how marvelous slicing through space felt, of everything he saw and the exhilaration he felt. The One inside would never let him remember pillaging upon the PokeWorld, tearing his way into Pokemon five times his size, dragons of ten tons, to simply mark his place in the food chain.

In fact, a full month has passed this way.

The voice is not kind when it speaks to him. The screaming continues, a test of strength and capability. Masir screams right back, fully ready to battle this being for his body and soul. For the next nine years, a terrifying war rages between the demon named Rayquaza and the boy once named Masir. Masir has never been forced to fight this way; and he knows nothing about the world and its inhabitants as he throws his body through heaps of mountains and hills, attempting to retake control of it. The sparring takes place every second of every day, on every plane: physical, mental, on every inch of PokeWorld unfortunate enough to witness the boy’s battle. Masir has once stood under a storm whose droplets seared into his flesh, leaving black scars as a reminder of his selfish drive to win.

In the beginning, the beast wanted to kill the boy. For if he could not handle his extraordinary power, there was no point in continuing on; and perhaps it would be reborn in a much stronger human. Masir wanted to learn with a disposition never aimed towards violence, but building… Slowly he communicated these thoughts to the raging beast. Build, survive, survive, survive, dominate. Sometimes they agreed. Masir learned he had to eat to satisfy the beast within, and after the first few years, he found killing beasts much more favorable to eating the brush of the world. Sometimes Masir thought they could coexist.

Only in the past year has Rayquaza deemed his vessel worthy of his superior strength. To reach this point, the creature stripped the boy of every shred of humane consciousness: ideas about love, diplomacy, building, and growing. Masir is more beast than human at this point, and everything he’s known about life has entirely changed in the past ten years: his philosophy, his purpose, the meaning of building. Rayquaza ricochets that sentiment back to him like a bladed boomerang he must catch and now use to carve his world himself. This isn’t what flying means, Masir knows somewhere deep inside. But for once, the beast and him are finally at peace. For once, he may try to reclaim and claw at the remaining bit of sanity starving itself in the hollow of his mind.

Together the two bide their time together in the deepest and darkest crevices of the PokeWorld.


Masir is caught somewhere between man and child, monster and human. Standing just above five foot six inches, Masir appears even shorter when he lurches forward in a deadly crouch. However, when this young-boy-man-monster rises, his shoulders squared and his arms crossed, the ground before him seems to bow down in his dominant presence. Light glistens off the forest green shell coating his body, feeling impenetrable to the touch. Or it may be the way heavy feet strive forward with purpose, burying their prints into the ground for all in the PokeWorld to recognize. Regardless, Masir carries himself with the air of a confident young entity ready for the world.

Masir’s facial expressions fall into two categories: anger and indifference. In either one, magenta eyes reflect how hollow or how lit he feels from inside. He does not reveal much, but one only needs to track the minute changes in his stance to understand his next move: the veins suddenly bulging within muscular arms far too matured for one his age, the way purple fins sticking from his extremities twitch in anticipation. He never fully relaxes. He wears no human clothes, besides from a black vest that barely covers half of his exposed chest. He does not remember where he got this. He does not remember what human people should look like. Green skin, purple rings glowing upon a body too old for its inhabitant, and a tail of a stinger as long as his body mark his monstrous nature.


• Air Lock (Lv. 1): Exerting a tiny bit of the pressure bottled up from within him, Masir drains the atmosphere of air. He needs air to breath too, and as such this self-destructive ability will leave a 5km completely devoid of air within an hour of the beginning of its usage. By the time the ability has reached its farthest stretch physically, Masir too will either faint or suffer significant, temporary cognitive impairment.

• Hunter (Lv. 1): Masir enters a berserker mode for a brief period of time where he is both faster and stronger than ordinary beings of his caliber. At level one, Masir is twice as fast and strong as he normally is for a few moments.

• Telepathy (Lv. 1) 

Age: 17

Human Vs. Pokemon – and the Pokemon’s been winning for the past nine years.

compassionate • energetic • idealistic • versatile • sensible • resourceful • thoughtful • innovative • generous
volatile • cruel • stubborn • guarded • self-destructing • chaotic • dangerous • domineering • paranoid
And now he’s here. Doesn’t know how to read, how to speak his native language or practically any utterances of a Human language, but understands the way creatures move and is an excellent judge of character. Acts on instinct mainly. Terrible strategist. He was once a very bright child interested in many things, but has no way now to understand or learn. He fears the sectors of Pokemon civilization and prefers to run with the ferals on this planet who live just to kill and feed like himself. In the past year, he’s gotten much better control of himself. It’s almost like he’s passed out the past nine years and only remembers moving: Running. Commanding. Feeding. Just a part of the food chain – and other Legendaries have respected this fact and left him alone. No Temple for him.

But now he’s gotten a little more conscious and seeks answers. For his purpose: why does he exist? When Masir first entered this thought, Rayquaza pounded his little head with the thoughts of surviving and dominating. But now that Masir’s got a smidgen more of confidence, he’s certainly learned this about himself: he liked thinking, a lot! He loved imagining, creating new worlds in his mind, acting as the architect of alien infrastructures yet uncovered. He’s much more compassionate, open, and understanding when he enters this mood, for it’s when he’s most Human. Rayquaza hates this about him and hopes to dampen these moods as much as he can, before the sentiments grow stronger, unshakeable.

Once polite and humble, he did not speak unless spoken to first. When he was a boy, he was shy, incredibly slow to trust others. Currently not a friend in the world. Masir loved animals. But when Masir sees a real person, his mind will jump to domination: is this something to eat, to kill as a threat, or to leave alone for another day? Masir will crouch, an animal leaping for the kill, who has forgotten all measures of human propriety. He holds himself strong and tall when he feels Rayquaza backing him, but is inside a shaken and unsure youth barraged by events that have ravaged his humanity. His voice is unsure of its owner or its ability to speak. But this does not mean that he doesn’t want to speak, that he desperately hopes to find a light to guide him to finding the little bit of humanity left in him. What does he enjoy? What are pleasant thoughts for him? What will he become?

Rayquaza wants him to control. To dominate. To rule the sky and be above all, literally and figuratively. These are sentiments of love that leave Mas aggressive, empty, and angry. Perhaps he will never know.

Relationship to Pokemon:

Masir and Rayquaza totter on a tightrope between war and peace. Masir spends so much effort trying to control his other half that he just exhausts himself. Lots of self-harm here. The thing inside doesn’t speak to him in words and images but rather urges and moves: bloodlust swarms him from the inside and there’s nothing the inside of him can do. In these times, Masir fortifies his human side without consciously thinking about it: he will not succumb to the thing inside of him hoping for his conquering. There are few moments of quiet where Masir thinks, hopes, and dwells on the idea that maybe the thing inside of him has died, and he may die too. But these thoughts are extinguished from his mind immediately, and he simply continues the fight from there. Masir will not lose!

Legendary Check

A violet rodent scurried across the paw print of a beast. The rounded cavity marked by three large stub imprints seemed like a crater to the little rat, who sunk into its depths with a little squeal. Clawing its way out, it stepped gingerly into the blood on the edges of he imprint, wriggling its nose and heading for the source.

Rapidly it went, tripping over vines and squeezing its way out of the little nooks of the earth. When it finally reached the scent of the blood it sensed with hungry impulse, it scrunched down besides the root of a tree. The hardened bark comforted the Rattata, curling around it and caressing it like a mother protecting its child from a dangerous and unknown evil.

For on the other side of the clearing sat a monstrous entity. the rat shuddered, sniffing silently at the sound of a bones crunching upon the morning air. The next moment, a curved femur bone the size of a large child soared through the air and crashed through the bark of the tree next to the rattata. With the impact of the hole left in the ancient bark, the tree fell to the ground like an iron weight unhinged from its casing. A cloud dispersed upon the fallen entity in grayed mourning.

The little Rattata continued shivering, unable to process its next move for survival. In the flight or fight pathway of excitement, the little rat opted for neither and simply sat shuddering there. Little a moment passed before large hands cupped the creature and lifted it from the ozone of safety it crafted for itself. A world away, abducted by the creature who stared down upon it with eyes each like their own swirling galaxy.

Masir eyed the little thing. Red splotches of liquid bespeckled the right side of his green face while the accompanying blood smeared over his chest began to cake. He held onto the Rattta with the gentleness of a Transcendant, softly stroking the fur of the creature to hear its accelerated heart beat.

“Need. For what is your need?” he asked in broken bits of Pokemon language. The creature did not respond. For a moment the air grew heavy with the weight of worlds.

But Masir obeyed the laws of no world but his own. He marched forward from the spot deliberately, each step heavy with purpose. When the rat peeped out from its crouching position under Masir’s claws, it shook at the sight of half a carcass of a Tropius sprawled across a lush hill. Atop this clearing Masir took the tiny creature, tearing a fresh bit of meat from the bloody dead and holding it to the critter.

Masir said nothing when the creature, simply lowering his hand to the ground so it may scamper off in its own direction. He let a small smile slide onto his face as he felt his back dive to the ground, summoned by the fresh moss of the area. And like so, Masir slept.

Application II:

Character Name: Bunny Bear Blue
Character Type: Pokemon
Character Title: Huntress
Theme Song: Feel Free by Yuni Wa
Discord: imaneveelel
Faceclaim: N/A
History: Bun Bunz was born in 3000 in a small apartment in Minneapolis. His mother was a beautiful Eevgloreith, an Eevee Evolution who had birthed eighteen Eevee of all typings. BB grew up with his siblings with a sweet girl named Cindy, a Pokemon Trainer who had happily taken in Bun Bunz’ mother ten years prior. When Bun Bunz was old enough to leave the nest, though, Cindy happily released Bun Bunz into the wild and destoryed his PokeBall so that he may never return to it ever again. His mother held him close to the child, whispering the words, “I’m hungry,” into his ears before he left forever.

Bun Buns spent five years on the PokeWorld before spending the next five years aboard the URPG Space Center. Buns Buns didn’t quite like anyone on the PokeWorld – they all had their own families and were actually quite terrified of his hunting prowess. In this way, Buns Buns is so cursed because he’s so strong, so beautiful in his shiny coating, and so humble at the same time. Buns Buns even saved an entire village of Electrode only because he had accidentally endangered them all but he saved them all so they loved him.

At some point, Bun Buns returned to the EarthWorld in search of his mother and Cindy. He had no purpose to do so at that point but felt an overwhelming drive to make peace with his past in this incredible time of war. Buns Buns arrived back in Minneapolis only to discover that the city had been eaten alive by Mightyena! “who did this” bun Buns asked and was surprised to learn about the the tragedy that had taken place on the EarthWorld a few years ago. Bun Buns felt a surging of emotion and decided, at that moment, he would do everything he could do to find Cindy and his mother and his seventeen siblings!

Bun Bun roamed the world at that point, beginning from Minneapolis and spreading forward into other parts of the globe like Florida and Mississippissi. Eventually Buns Buns made it to a small coffee shop in New York, a beautiful place that Cindy said she had always dreamed of, and was overjoyed to discover that Cindy was still alive, safe and sound! His happiness and excitement were completely quashed however as Cindy informed Bun Buns about the death of a few of his siblings in the fray. Buns Buns, at that moment, took an oath to forever avenge the siblings he had lost and find joy in everything they had loved in their lives.

To achieve this effect, Bun Buns decided he would learn! He would learn everything he possibly could about the world, about the elements embedded in his siblings, and embrace all the unique facets of life each element carried on them. For the time coming, Buns Buns explored a multitude of planets and collected a variety of element samples crucial to the discovery of a lot of important things in the world. This was when Buns Buns truly began gathering notoriety in the world and he owes all of his great success to his siblings whom he loved a lot and did this all for.

Aboard the URPG Space Center, Buns Buns doesn’t do much outside of teaching courses to all of the PokeSouls. He teaches singing lessons, lessons about the mysteries of water Pokemon and how to become a water Pokemon coordinator (he had received his Ph.Duck fifteen years prior and this is why he is so knowledgeable), and is just generally alwasy in good spirits! no matter the challenge that comes his way or the bumps ahead on the road he faces, BB will make it through because what doesn’t kill him makes him stronger!


Buns Buns was born with a birth defect that makes him shinier than a Shiny Pokemon. He’s like liquid glitter and has eyelashes each the length of one of his legs; this beauty is often inconvenient to him, as everybody in the vicinity will notice him and he has to try extra hard just not to stand out. Bunz is also into the habit of wearing Pokemon shoes made for him by his Pokemon trainer – he tends to really like these as they keep his feet warm and also he has one eye that’s cat-eyed and the other is tiger-eyed.

Bun Buns will often coat himself in a fur coating befitting of the season. In the winter time, he prefers a lighter-looking coat because he thinks it keeps him warm and he’s sure done the research to know that the placebo effect must be in place! Otherwise, Bun Buns’ favorite coating is the deep brown fur he wears for Spring. In the Spring time especially he has a light step, electrified by his love for the outdoors and his desire to feel the sunshine over his body. Bun Buns will happily face other people; although he is small, he is nimble on his feet and proud of everything he has done, so he stands really tall as an Eevee of a beautiful, beautiful family.

Buns Buns’ mega-evolution form allows him to become a much larger and much lither creature that is more akin to a wolf than his current fox state. He weights over 56 kilograms in this form and, no matter the season, his fur will automatically die itself to a deep blue. Bun Buns’ ‘ears will elongate and lay themselves flat as he tends to be much more guarded in this form, constantly in a crouching stance. In this mega-evolution form, he’s also much taller, coming in at a full meter higher than his normal form, and of course he also sparkles!


• Adaptability (Lv. 1): If he focuses hard enough, Bun Buns can forever copy and master the ability of the Pokemon adjacent to him. At level one, Bun Buns can copy up to two abilities and perform them better than the original owner.

• Evolution (Lv. 1): Bun Buns can enter a mega-evolution state for a certain amount of time depending on his mood and hunger level. By eating more and feeling good, Bun Buns can stay in mega evolution for a long time!

• Luck (Lv. 1)

Selected Moves: Quick Attack • Sand Attack • Baby-Doll Eyes • Refresh • Trump Card

Age: 7
incorruptible • infallible • brave • determined • persuasive

stubborn • bad-tempered (sometimes) • clumsy • helpless • cursed


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