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This RP takes place on the Petalburg Woods Network forum!

1. Please read the URPG Rules before you begin!

2. Your first two characters can be created whenever you want, but you must have created at least 15 in-character posts on your last character in order to make a third, a fourth, etc. These include mission posts, journal posts, and private posts. Your character receives P600 for simply being created and accepted!

3. You may create either a Legendary Pokemon or a Legendary PokeSoul, but any more Legendaries that you create thereafter have to be purchased with the right to do so.

4. Characters are created in Character Applications, and when they are accepted they are moved to Character Statistics. Please keep track of all of your character’s items, abilities, and P in their individual thread.

5. You may “load” abilities, items, and rights onto a new character in advance by purchasing them with another character with the intention of putting them on the new character.

6. You may not create a character that models or emulates a real person from the URPG or any of our associated forums. This includes taking somebody’s forum name, describing their irl appearance, pinpointing their personality down, or anything that bears a strong resemblance to that person in real life. This is a rule made for the safety of our fellow players, out of the respect for one another and for our host communities as well.


1. We have a 250-word count minimum for all IC posts. You can have threads where you post less than that amount, but you won’t get paid for doing so. Also, all IC posts that are at least 250 words or an art piece instantly award P300 to the character who posted – no need to wait or post that you claim before you add money to your character’s thread!

2. God-modding is whenever a character takes control of other characters or basically acts invincible – don’t do this if you can! NPC’s can do this for a mission’s purpose, but otherwise please don’t do that.

3. You cannot kill other peoples’ characters. If worse comes to worse, they faint, as they would in the games.

4. Please tag potentially offensive content at the beginning of the post; additionally, please fade to black if the thread is taking a more graphic direction.

5. We ask that players are time-sensitive towards their threads out of respect for other players. Please let your fellow RPer know if you’ll be on a hiatus, which is fine! We just all prefer to know in advance. These rules are a little stricter for Missions (see Current Missions thread).


1. This RP follows liquid time – have as many RP threads as you want at any one time, with even one character! We encourage you to RP tons!

2. The OP cannot RP with the self (ex: cannot have a thread where two characters belonging to one player are posting back and forth without a second player’s character in-between).

3. You can have past and future threads! But the characters must be apparent in each others’ respective pasts and futures. Also, the time is static – there’s no time traveling (ex: a future event that’s being RPed cannot come back and affect the character in the present).

4. You can have all the silly threads you want! Just because we’re in a apocalypse, sci-fi fantasy world, does not mean that everything must be serious. Have fun!

5. You do not need a Chronicler’s permission or involvement to RP with other players outside of missions. Go wild, and enjoy yourself!

6. Also, the most important rule of all: Platinum: treat others as they want to be treated! This applies for OOC interactions – for IC interactions get as wild as you want!

7. We’ve introduced thread prefixes, or thread tags, to help demarcate a thread’s intended participants. Please see this post for more information!

8. Once you’ve finished a personal / private thread, of minimum ten posts per each character involved, please feel free to request archival for that thread! Finished threads get a special P600 bonus per each character!


In the year 3005, we all thought the world ended. A comet collided into Planet Earth, carrying brutal, dangerous monsters who seemed imbued with eighteen traits of existence itself: beasts who burned whole skyscrapers down, melted peoples’ minds, and drowned whole cities by summoning upon a godly water power. Scientists scrambled. Leadership left, leaving whole countries in anarchy. Somebody a long time ago whispered in fear the word Pokémon.

And their incredible abilities seeped into the souls of a few of us too, like a disease that cannot be cured no matter how much we prayed or sought medical help. Babies were born with a double consciousness on many levels: regular humans no longer saw these PokeSouls the same way though they looked just like a human; the PokeSouls had another voice ringing in their head who sounded like a Pokemon; and those PokeSouls sought to teach humans that Pokemon weren’t out for their blood.

But fear knows no bounds. Ten years later, we all find ourselves caught in a war between the Pokemon and Human race. Each has their own agenda and isn’t everyone so crazy to begin with? The only safety we sought, as PokeSouls ourselves, was the URPG Space Center suspended between the PokeWorld and the EarthWorld. And here we learn at school, form relationships, dance at night, and pretend that we won’t be the child soldiers of the universe’s greatest mistake. How long until?…

Types of Characters

In this role play, you may play as a Human, a PokeSoul, or a Pokemon! You may have as many characters as you wish. Please note that the first two characters are free, but you must purchase the right to make any new character after that. You may also play as a Legendary PokeSoul or Pokemon, but please read below to understand more about these types of characters and their titles. Every URPG member has the right to make one Legendary PokeSoul or Pokemon, but there is only one of each Legendary PokeSoul/Pokemon in the role-play as there are in the games (including Shaymin or Lugia, legendaries who seem to have babies, etc). You may purchase the right to create more than one Legendary PokeSoul or Pokemon.


Humans are people of all ages who are mostly found on the EarthWorld. Ten years ago, the societies they knew and cherished dramatically changed when a comet collided into Loveland, Ohio, of the United States. Ever since, humans of all occupations found themselves in the middle of complete chaos. The Pokemon who inhabited the comet burned Loveland to the ground and quickly spread to nearby cities, states, spreading to the tips of the continent and across the oceans.

Now, some Humans were afflicted with the PokeSoul condition. Those who were not are simply known as Human, and most resent Pokemon and PokeSouls with every breath in their body. Many humans have been forced underground, while they wallow in self-pity, watching any remaining army force band together to fight off Pokemon above the surface. And who can blame the Humans for feeling this way? Whole families have been torn apart, neighborhoods have been abandoned, violence has spread across their beautiful EarthWorld.

However… not all places were affected the same way, and not all hearts were turned against Pokemon and PokeSouls forever. There is a small fraction of rebellious Humans who want to discover more about the PokeWorld and the magnificent creatures who flourish there. These Humans have their own revolutionary idea of love, and many have been rescued by Enforcers and now live aboard the URPG Space Center. They may be fighting right along to discover the truth of their shared universe. And they face great discrimination and risk while doing so.

Titles, if applicable:




PokeSouls were once Humans who now have the soul of a Pokemon residing within them. For some reason that no one understands quite yet, the comet’s radiation has slipped into them and so have the abilities and traits of a Pokemon. PokeSouls have interesting relationships with the Pokemon inside; some PokeSouls agree so well with the Pokemon that they do not see it as a separate identity within them. Other PokeSouls have horribly disastrous relationships with the inside Pokemon, like a raging Gyarados who terrorizes the human side of the PokeSoul’s personality. Other PokeSoul have Pokemon inside that are like dormant, guardian angels who sing their human to sleep and only use their Pokemon powers to help them in times of danger. It all depends on you! and the natural nature of the Pokemon in the PokeSoul’s mind.

The Pokemon also has interesting influences on other aspects of the PokeSoul. Some PokeSouls may take on physical traits of their Pokemon, like a Pokemon Gijinka. Some PokeSouls may effectively look more Pokemon than human, but other PokeSouls take on no physical trait of their Pokemon, not even hair color or eye color. No one quite understands why… and people are still figuring out how the PokeSoul adopts the abilities and powers of the Pokemon within. Some learn extremely quickly how to use their powers, while others struggle to even get down a basic Quick Attack.

Most PokeSouls found refuge on the URPG Space Center, where they currently learn how to use and control their powers for good. However… many PokeSouls still live on the EarthWorld for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the Pokemon inside has not spoken yet, though they find themselves with new, unexplainable powers. Or perhaps they’re hiding among the humans, trying to help them and lead them to a better world.

*Legendary PokeSouls have immense power inside. Their human minds are often overwhelmed with the immensity of the Pokemon’s power; and for these reasons, it’s much harder, if at times impossible, to control and get along with the Pokemon inside. Legendary PokeSouls have prolly been forcefully moved over to the URPG Space Center, where they are heavily watched over and guarded. If you plan on creating a PokeSoul, please also think of ways your character limits the Pokemon’s power or safety “shut-down” techniques.

Titles, if applicable:




Pokemon are those powerful, magnificent, magical creatures who come from millions of light years away, the gorgeous PokeWorld. Recently, something tremendous has happened to these intelligent beings and ruined their world. Many sought refugee aboard a shooting comet that plummeted to the EarthWorld; and they had no idea that they’d land on that strange, scary planet, where people began shooting them and persecuting them on the basis of powers they didn’t understand or care to get to know. The Pokemon are deeply saddened because a majority of them have begun raging a war against Humans; but a large amount of them simply want peace. Perhaps these sentiments of goodwill wafted off their very skin and sunk into the souls of people capable of saving their world. Who knows…

For right now, most Pokemon of course live on their PokeWorld. They are extremely intelligent beings, many smarter than Humans, and try to keep peace on their broken planet. Some angry Pokemon find themselves on the EarthWorld with no escape from violence, so they have retaliated in turn. Many lie in wait deep underground with Humans, patiently being cared of and also taking care of those who are kind enough to see these creatures for who they are. And there are of course a handful who live on the URPG Space Center, choosing to carve their new lives out there, in the middle of the disaster to come.

*Legendary Pokemon are also very rare and often like to keep away in secret. Many are capable of Earth-shattering destruction and are likely to be killed or threatened on contact for their immense power. The same restrictions for Legendary PokeSouls go for Legendary Pokemon for these reasons.

Titles, if applicable:



RP Worlds




The EarthWorld

7 continents and 17 billion people. Talks of nuclear war increased and we had a few scares here or there. But things got better; and in the year 2030, the Earth followed through on its promise to reduce global temperatures to 2°C that it had made in the Paris Climate talks of 2015. In 2050, a bullet tram had been built between New York and Shanghai; giant whale airplanes carried thousands of people across the skies for such an inexpensive price. Hundreds of years passed, and Humans innovated to solve nearly all their problems. The world seemed more interconnected than ever before, and not just physically, either; everyone helped out to reduce global poverty to a history lesson. Scientists of the past predicted that only 10 billion of us could live here, but look at the Earth and its Humans now. We were doing so well, for a while. But what now?…



The URPG Space Center

The size of a small city. PokeSouls live in houses, most of the time with others they may not even have known. It’s not that there’s not enough space aboard the broad URPG Space Center for each PokeSoul to have its own home; it’s simply that loneliness is a disease lurking outside this hub where the only creatures of their kind gather safely. There is a small semblance of normalcy with shops dotting the place and spaceships parked along the Space Center, but every now and then they are reminded that they but a bubble in the oceanic expanse of space; gravity will act up or you’ll look outside your window and see nothing but a deep, deep darkness, saved only by stars surging along a limitless sky.



The PokeWorld

A world the size of VY Canis Majoris. A haunting planet of unravished beauty and extreme weather conditions. Resources imbued in this planet have capabilities and powers outside of man’s imagination. Here, thousands of creatures roam, deftly dodging storms that would obliterate the EarthWorld’s very surface and running into pools of water that are bottomless. On the other side of the liquid core of this planet is a softer side, characterized by vast fields, illuminated by purple moons and crescent suns. The Planet itself has mastered the art of Evolution and seems to follow different rules of time and gravity than any other planet, star, or anomaly in our Universe.




Q: What is this? 

This is all-original Pokemon apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy / Academy role play! We have all original characters and an animanga face claim system. We are part of the URPG.

Q: What is the URPG? 

The URPG, or Ultra Mega Role-Playing Game, is one of the oldest and coolest Pokemon RPGs out there! It was founded on January 11th, 1999, and since then has been one of the Internet’s most precise Pokemon battling simulators. There are sections to capture Pokemon via writing, role-playing, creating art, and participating in contests. Our community’s a winner, too!

The URPG is based on three Pokemon forums and has a vibrant AIM and Skype presence. With all things on the URPG, your work is valid on all three forums (ex: if you create your character on the PWN branch, you can role-play that character on the PXR and BMG branch as well! Everything transfers over.) Go far and wide!

Q: What’s animanga? What’s a face claim? 

A face claim is a character in the anime or manga universe who can aesthetically represent your character. You can also claim a character from the game universe, but the icons have to be in an anime style. All face claims and face claim reservations will be found here.

You also don’t need to have a face claim to represent your character, but good places to find face claims to fit your character are here andhere. Also feel free to ask for face claim suggestions!

Also, you’re completely free to create the art for your character as well! We love the creativity and inspiration behind all original characters!

Q: What characters can I be? 

You can play as a Human, a Pokemon, or a PokeSoul (like a human / Pokemon hybrid – a human’s body with a human mind and a Pokemon mind in it).

Q: So is a PokeSoul a PokeMorph, then? Am I shifting from a human to a Pokemon, back-and-forth? 

No – think of the PokeSoul emergence in a human as puberty. Changes are gradually made – the human might take on physical traits of the Pokemon whose in its head, like wings or hair color or eye color. This process may go on for months for some, and it may be instantaneous or take just days for others. But once the changes are made, they are irreversible. That human now has a Pokemon in their head along with their normal mind, and still will look primarily human. They will take on the abilities and powers of the Pokemon in their head. They are now known as a PokeSoul.

Q: Can I be shiny?

Yes, your PokeSoul or Pokemon can be shiny, but there is an item that must be purchased for this to be so. humans are always shiny

Q: Can I be a legendary?

You certainly can be! You can make either a legendary PokeSoul or a legendary Pokemon character, but just one of the two for no restrictions. Afterwards, you must purchase the right to make a legendary Pokemon right here.

Q: Tell me more about legendaries. 

There is one legendary PokeSoul for each Legendary Pokemon out there. So one Mew out there, and one PokeSoul out there somewhere who has the mind of a Mew. They are not related and prolly would not know each other when they meet. Most legendaries are very powerful, and thus most PokeSouls have a very difficult time controlling their powers.

Q: Will a Staff member enter my thread and perform calculations for battles between characters? 

No – we are an all-text based role play that operates on realism. If your character is god modding (acting invincible, controlling other characters without permission, etc) then a moderator can step in and end the thread. Otherwise, you’re free to do what you want to do on your own!

Q: If I’m a ghost-type PokeSoul, can’t I just phase through things anyway? or if I’m a Psychic-type PokeSoul, wouldn’t I just be able to communicate telepathically anyway? 

PokeSouls, to some extent, have the powers of their Pokemon but not fully. For example, a ghost-type PS would be able to phase through a thin wall for a few seconds at most without updating the skills to do so. A psychic-type PS would have no way of being able to carry out a full conversation telepathically, maybe just a word or few. Imagine a water-type PS being able to swim at a faster pace and farther distance than most normal people, but still becoming tired or fainting at a reasonable distance.

Q: How many abilities do I start off with? How many can I have?

3 abilities to start off with when you enter the RP: any combination of user-created abilities and abilities found in the ShoppeAll abilities begin at level 1.

You can buy all of them from the Shoppe! And basically can have as many as you can think of / purchase the right to.

Q: What do you mean by levels for abilities? 

Each ability in this role-play will have up to three levels. Each level-up, the ability grows stronger in some way. When creating your ability for the first time at level 1, please specify both 1) what the ability does and 2) a way to measure the extent of that ability’s powers.

Q: What are examples of reasonable abilities for each character type?

Rule of thumb: always think along the lines of supernatural but not overpowered. It’s the year 3015; Humans have evolved as a species, and now it’s not uncommon for people to have minor supernatural powers. the PokeSouls have taken on the powers of their Pokemon, and Pokemon were always super powerful to begin with. If you ever have a question on the legitimacy of an ability or want to brainstorm, we’re here to help! Also, this is by no means an exhaustive list.

examples for Humans: Super strength, allowing one to lift a weight of up to one ton for a minute max; being able to talk to animals; being able to heal minor cuts and bruises with the mind; being able to look up to a full day into the future; only needing sleep every other day to be functional. Inspiration places: Superhero wikis!

examples for PokeSouls: a Ditto PS who’s frighteningly good at impersonating others in expression, speech, and body gestures; a Lopunny PS who has surpassed the threshold for normal hearing and can hear a fly’s wings twitch twenty feet away; a Venasaur PS who recharges quickly when in the sunlight. Abilities can also be negative: ex, a Zubat PS who’s steadily gone blind because Zubat don’t see with their eyes.

examples for Pokemon: a good starting place is to translate their in-game ability to a real-world ability. ex: a Pokemon who has flame body and can literally cloak themselves in flames for an hour ok bad example but! Inspiration places: the PokeDex

Q: Do I have to start out at the first level of evolution?

Nope! You can start at the Baby form of the Pokemon or come into the RP completely evolved already. Or whatever’s in-between. Up to you!

Q: How does being the child of a PokeSoul or two PokeSoul parents work? Would the baby be a PokeSoul?

Keep in mind that this RP takes place ten years after PokeSouls first started emerging, so unless a character is ten years old or younger he or she prolly wouldn’t have PokeSoul parents. But a whole family can end up becoming PokeSouls!

In terms of future-based events and missions (remember that you can certainly role-play in the future!), a PokeSoul child must have at least 1 PokeSoul parent. The gene would be imbued in the DNA and passed along through generations, and the child would most likely start off at the baby form of a Pokemon with a similar typing to the parents. This is very, very flexible! Perhaps a child can have a PS parent or both and not have the gene at all. Remember this is very new phenomena for humans and Pokemon alike.

Q: If I’m a Pokemon or a PokeSoul, can I evolve? Is there a process, or do I need to buy an item for it?

Absolutely you can evolve! And no, you don’t need to purchase an item in the store to evolve, even if your character requires an evolutionary item in-game. You can role-play out the transition, and it’s up to you how the voice in your character’s head changes or what new abilities, struggles, or joys your character discovers as a result of evolution.

However if your character receives new abilities, they must be approved first by a staff member (send one of us a quick message to look over the idea), and then added onto your character’s stat page. The old two innate abilities from the past evolution disappear. (unless an ability was purchased – if so, then it stays).

Exception: Mega-Evolution!

Q: How does Mega Evolution work? 

In this role play, every Pokemon (exempting Legendaries) can Mega Evolve. What they look like or what new abilities they have is up to the player’s imagination! When they do this, they receive boosted stats, powers, and abilities for a five-minute period before reverting back to their normal stage. This takes a lot of effort for Pokemon and should not be overused.

To access Mega Evolution, a Pokemon must purchase a Mega Ring from the Shoppe. No extra item is needed outside of that ring!

Q: What four moves can my Pokemon character start with?

Your Pokemon character can start with any four moves that it would learn naturally by level up. This means it cannot start with knowing any EM moves or taught moves; however, these moves can be purchased in the Shoppe for P900. Please see the Ultra Dex for more information about what moves a Pokemon would know by level-up.

Q: Is there a cap of Pokemon or PokeSouls that can be created?

For each Legendary, there is only one Pokemon and one PokeSoul. Otherwise, there’s no limit – so yes, you and your friends can make a family of Eevee c:

Q: Can I be a manmade Pokemon or PokeSoul? (ex: Mewtwo, Porygon-Z?) 


Q: Can I be MissingNo?


Q: I just got accepted into the role play! What now? 

Yay! Congratulations, and welcome on in! Plan plots with the characters in this board, or join in on the newest mission here!

Also feel free to talk to other characters via AIM or Skype!


AWESOME! Send it to us, and we’ll prolly play through it! You will also be rewarded for your idea!


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